About us

Our main activities involve developing solutions for and producing custom-made honeycomb carton pallets and packaging.

The company's aim is to provide more efficient and ecological solutions to replace the usual wooden and plywood pallets and containers. While approx. 30 kg wood is needed to make a wooden pallet, a carton pallet only requires 3 kg!

We offer solutions that help our customers achieve their aims more effectively.
Due to their light weight the pallets are easy to handle and enable savings on transport costs.

Constantly contributing to the development of our company, we offer the most up-to-date solutions, the fastest service, the most efficient production and the best price/quality ratio.
While developing our technological and production capacity, we are always focused on the customers' needs.

Environment – implementing recyclable transportation solutions is one of the easiest steps on the way to environmental friendliness.

Customer – estimating the customer's needs and wishes we always find the most appropriate solutions.

Quality – quality for us is not only production quality, but also quality in service, agreements and management.